Friday, May 22, 2009

Clark Kent: Blogger?

“Truth is, even superheroes couldn’t get us out of the mess we’re in now. Superman can stop bullets, move mountains and crush coal into diamonds, but he can’t help us. He works for a newspaper. He needs a job. He wants to leap tall buildings and then crash on your couch. Batman can’t help you. He can’t get parts for his big, stupid American car. And Wonder Woman can’t help you, because we don’t allow gays in uniform.”

–Bill Maher, “Superheroes Can’t Save California”

Via Occasional Superheroine

I’ve actually been wondering about this a lot lately, since I am a giant dork. I know that Ultimate Peter Parker manages the Bugle’s website, but although Clark has experience as a tv newscaster, I’m not sure he knows much about the internet. I haven’t read any recent superman trades though, so who knows – maybe he already works at huffington post.

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