Friday, November 6, 2009

Elizabeth Heppenstall: Fashion Face and Plant Sneak

Today I’m posting about a couple of Beth’s little installation projects.

The first you may know about already (I think a couple of my readers are actually in it). Called Fashion Face, it started with a little call for people to send in pictures of themselves making their best model face. Beth curated those, along with a few pictures taken on the street with a digital camera. Then she added in a couple appropriated images for good measure, printed each picture out as a one foot square and hung them as a grid. Under the images was a boombox playing a runway mixtape. It was simple and lowtech but surprisingly effective. Everyone who saw the piece at Alexander Hall seemed very amused.


This video, under the title Plant Sneak on her website, is a proposal for a projection based installation (though I’m honestly not sure installation is the best way to refer to this kind of thing.) There’s probably less social critique involved in this one – though I’m sure someone could find it. Just a bit of pop culture inspired absurdist fun. I don’t think Beth has been able to get her hands on a high powered projector yet (needed for outdoor work like this), but I’m sure she will someday.

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