Saturday, November 7, 2009

Elizabeth Heppenstall: Space Boys and Other Oddities

While Having A Baby is full of the dirty and rough side of photography (which currently makes my world go round), Beth has done a fair amount of lit work as well. A lot of these shoots seem to be research for her paintings, but a few of her portraits have been posted in a gallery called Space Boys and Other Oddities.

At times I feel like a lot of studio work looks the same – lighting can be interesting, but gets predictable for some reason. I think that Beth’s pictures have a strong female gaze, though, which is something I enjoy. It’s probably not as strong as her crazy-goggles, but it’s there.

If there is one thing I’d have to hope for in the future, it’s greater variety of models. Beth suffers a little from a common early artist phenomenon: you can recognize repeated of faces in her work. It’s not as bad as many photographer’s websites, where all the pictures seem to be taken in one lazy afternoon, but if it continued in that direction I think it might take something away from the impact of some of the projects. As she gets less shy and more confident in her creative abilities, this will shift drastically. Of course, having her name out there a little bit more helps and being able to point potential subjects to her website is never a bad thing.

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