Thursday, October 29, 2009

Emily Metzguer – Still Moving

The following are six pieces from Emily Metzguer‘s upcoming show, Still Moving. The opening is tomorrow night (the 30th) at Desoto Row in Savannah, GA. You should really try and make it – I had the honor of seeing this project in its early stages while I was finishing up my degree at SCAD, and it really is best in person.

However, I know many of you are not local to the south eastern USA, so I’m attempting to do something new here – lets see if embedding this content directly works. After the work, there’s the artist statement. It’s simple, and it’s not new – but it’s work that works. It’s relevant. I’m a big fan.

[flv: 560 330]

[flv: 560 330]

[flv: 560 330]

[flv: 560 330]

[flv: 560 330]

[flv: 560 330]

These really should be looping, but I’ve already had to wade through too much code for one night just to get them up there. Check out more on her site.

Artist statement, simple and to the point:

Advances in technology have changed the ways we share information. I don’t believe that still imagery will ever become obsolete, however the power that a singular frame commands has diminished greatly over the past decade. The sheer volume of imagery streaming from media, entertainment, and interactive industries has hindered our ability to be captivated by what we see. I just want people to be still with an image; therefore I had to make it move.

Oct 30 -
Nov 4
Still Moving
An MFA Photography Exhibit
by Emily Metzguer

Visit the artist’s website here.

Opening Reception Oct 30, 6-9 pm

Press Release

2427 De Soto Avenue
Savannah, GA 31401

For those of you viewing this on the feed or at livejournal, you’ll probably have to hit up the original post to see the content. I’m not sure how it will feed out.

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