Thursday, October 29, 2009

Flip Through Blowing Fog: All Images Blatantly Stolen! Submit for Issue 2, Blatantly Curated!

I wanted to share the first issue of Blowing Fog with someone, which motivated me to finally get it online. On short notice, I did an export to SWF through indesign and I was surprisingly ok with it. I still wish it looked more like the physical copy, but for a quick fix it’s pretty good. So I whipped up the rest of the page and a little text about submissions for the second issue.


Blowing Fog

It’s not the most elegant code I’ve ever hobbled together, so let me know it’s absolutely breaking down for any of you. Once I’m happy with it, I’ll add it to the site nav.

And, more importantly, start sending me those shots for issue 2: All Images Blatantly Curated!

I’ve mentioned it before, but the subject is behind the scenes on fashion shoots. I know a lot of you have assisted or even shoot fashion and I’m sure you’ve got some embarrassing outtakes somewhere. I need them. I want them. Even better: guerrilla documentary. Or career ruining Polaroids (ideally your own career. You don’t want to work in that industry anyway).

All images in this issue will be credited (name and link), unless otherwise requested. The links in the online file will be live. This last issue, the photographers were not intentionally in on the joke, so crediting seemed almost cruel, but this time it’s about laughing together and featuring some good shots that would never get published otherwise.

Submissions through email are easiest, but if you have to mail me a print, send me a note and I’ll let you know my address.

Hook me up. Email jpgs to

The issue won’t be out until I get enough work to deem it done. I don’t set deadlines for these things. This means, if you want to see it, encourage people to send in images and/or send in images yourself. I’ll be out looking at portfolio reviews, personal connections, etc as well – but random connections on the internet are a primary source for this tomfoolery.

Everyone included will get a copy of the zine file at print resolution. I may be working with a graphic designer on this one, but we’ll see if we want to get that complicated. I sort of like the slapped together feel of the first issue and at the rate it sold out, it seemed everyone else did too.

Based on the last issue, the first printing probably won’t make it past the initial Savannah opening and one round of blog sale, so if there is demand, I will upload both issues to magcloud or something. We’ll jump that fence when we get to it.

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