Tuesday, July 28, 2009

How Artists Must Dress by Roger White at N+1


The affluent artist may make a gesture of class solidarity by dressing poorly. She is advised to keep in mind that, at an art opening, the best way to spot an heiress is to look for a destitute schizophrenic. Middle-class or working-class artists, the destitute, and the schizophrenic can use this principle to their social advantage.

The extension of fashion into the violation of norms of personal hygiene and basic grooming constitutes the final arena for radicalism in artists’ fashion. Brave, fragrant souls! You will be admired from a distance.

Fucking Hilarious. Read the rest here at n+1. The article is featured online at n+1, but it is a preview for a print publication by The Paper Monument, which Roger has an integral part in as co-editor. This first pamphlet, on manners  in the art world, promises to be informing and amusing. You can find it here at the Paper Monument store.

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