Monday, August 17, 2009

Introducing ARTtxt! ARTtxt 2.0 coming soon!

Now introducing ARTtxt!

Tired of having to wait for a blog to load to see the newest art reviews?

Are all 140 characters of Twitter bogging you down?

Just sign up for ARTtxt!

Ian will go to shows and send reviews right to your cell phone.

The best review system around: a simple + or – lets you know if you should bother getting out of bed.

Check out these hot sample reviews:

Nude@Met: +

Pol@Gagosian: -

Flea@Kellers: +

GrwUp@Emp: +

Coming Soon!

ARTtxt 2.0 is just around the corner! The major new feature for this update is the “ReviewU” program, which is a value-add available for tiny micropayments. Now you can have your art reviewed by a professional art commentator!

All you have to do is send the image to the number supplied upon receipt of your donation and you’ll get a critique right back. Here are some samples from our beta testers. You can click them to see larger.

Beta Tester Image Sample Response

H8 clouds.

mAbE U shud mAk d skin tones warmer

DIS iz an image, thN, of a v specific America, a v specific Amrcn Uth. Adventure & sXULET mA b freer bt ther iz a possly disturbing undertone dat DIS FantaC iz 4 a certan grup of ppl, d ppl approved & seleCD 4 DIS lifestyle. thN, 4 d majority of d wrld, evN outside of itz ridiculousness, it iz exponently unattainable. U must b yung, Amrcn, waifish, frElE naked, & pRt of “whiteness.” It iz hEr, eva mo specifically, dat d wrk continuz itz travL in2 d collective Spectacle – d domain of Guy Debord’s societal criticism – it joins prodct advertiZn n creating d image of an unattainable lifestIL – d “world vision whch hz bcum objctified.”

HDR? :(

More great new features on their way:

  • Implimentation of an all new character, “?” which will supply heretofor unimagined possibilities for the ARTtxt reviews.
  • Our new ARTtxt twitter account, where Michael, our intern here at Ian Aleksander Adams Headquarters, is super exited to tell you all about the progress of ARTtxt 2.0 and the implementation of ?
  • Tiered donation program! Donors of $200 or more will get a free ARTtxt baseball cap!
  • iPhone App.

So stay tuned and make sure you’re signed up for ARTtxt!

posted by Ian Aleksander Adams at 2:11 pm