Wednesday, June 3, 2009

John Michael Fulton

Fulton is a friend of mine (he’s even got a cameo in a piece of fiction I recently published, more on that later) and he’s spent a significant chunk of his life listening to me ramble on, complaining about the fashion industry, vapid girl shots, horrible retouching, and all manner of other banal topics. And he listens, and responds, and then goes and shoots pretty girl fashion, because he likes it. And that’s good, because Fulton is good at fashion photography and I’d much rather he do it than some asshole guy I don’t know.

Check out these images he just sent me. Look at that color! That’s some good color. Look at that girl’s face! There’s actually skin texture there, thank god. Like I said, I’m glad Fulton is shooting fashion and not that other guy, because that other guy would be too busy staring at breasts to notice the shape of the rest of that girl’s body or bother thinking about color schemes.

While I’m still not really interested in fashion photography, I’m glad Fulton didn’t lend too much weight to my tirades against it and I’m glad he’s playing with the medium. Next, I just want him to approach a larger variety of subject.

More of John Michael Fulton’s work at his Website.

posted by Ian Aleksander Adams at 10:28 am