Thursday, April 16, 2009

Mandy Corrado’s Reflections of The Muse



Mandy Corrado, found via Conscientious and I Like This Art, has made some images that stand rather well with minimal statement.  If you must, there is plenty of commentary at those two links, as well as an uneeded statement at her website.

Speaking of her website, I need to mention this. Sharing this work with you was a frustrating experience and it’s a testiment to my positive feelings about it that you are seeing it at all. Mandy has one of those throughly unnecisary and extremely frustrating right click messages in her site’s code – clicking anywhere on the page results in a rude and annoying pop-up informing you that it is copywrite the artist.

These things are so stupid. The images on your site are not at a print resolution and it doesn’t matter regardless: anyone browsing the internet already has a copy of your images in their cache. Also, I just viewed the source of your page, did a quick search for “.jpg” and copied the location of the image, then saved it.

If your site was flash, or that didn’t work, I would have just done a screengrab, though I do this less often. Frankly, flash sites frustrate me so much that I often don’t leave or save the work for later commentary at all.

Again, I’m not the only one. As I’ve posted about in the past, gallery owners, curators, art buyers, and art directors all want your images to be clickable, savable, and EASY. It’s to benefit you, artists. And if a few of your images end up in random places on the internet – well, don’t you want them to be seen? Otherwise, what’s the damn point of making them? It’s not like you’re ever going to get any royalties or usage fees from myspace profiles, forum avatars, and 4chan.

posted by Ian Aleksander Adams at 10:24 pm