Thursday, October 29, 2009

SCAD Grad David Field Rocks HassyNYC

I just noticed that David Field, fellow SCAD grad and NYC pal of mine, is currently in the running over at the HassyNYC contest. Along with the other two finalists, he’s going to be creating images and meeting challenges as part of some giant promo-fest for Hasselblad’s new camera.


I’m not really worried about the camera (any of those top manufacturers make amazing products, these days) but I am rooting for David. As far as excellence in the field (haha) of commercial photography goes, he blows those guys (and many many well known shooters) out of the water. He’s a non-stop, constantly working, photo making machine. If anyone can survive in the jungle of NYC, it’s this guy.


So, while the HassyNYC site still seems to be under construction – some of the links don’t work at all – it’s pretty easy to head on over to David’s attached flickr or twitter sites and follow him while he goes through the competition rigmarole. You guys know how I feel about twitter in general, but until he gets a real blog, we’ll have to settle for this.

And hopefully once he’s found his feet doing all this commercial work, I’ll finally get to see more of the editorial and fine art projects he’s been talking about for years. Miss the weird stuff, David. Make sure to send me an email once you’re back to shooting grizzled old men.

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