Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Shoot Dating (If You Really Must Find Another Photographer. And Are British.)


Apparently some people feel it might be a good idea to date a photographer. This surprised me, since we’re generally crazy, badly dressed with poor hygiene, and/or extremely egotistical – but since this particular event requires you are also a photographer (and british), maybe these traits are forgivable. Plus, if you happen to find a photographer who finds you attractive, you do tend to get flattering pictures of yourself on a regular basis. Unless they are also lazy, like me.

In any case, the event I was emailed about is called Shoot Dating and is an cousin of Shoot London at the Tate Modern in, you guessed it, London. It’s put on by Shoot Experience (noticing a pattern here) and the details, which I don’t understand in the least since I’ve never been to England, run as following:

“We’ll be hosting the event on 5 December in the deliciously sexy Bathhouse venue  (recently voted as Time Out’s best new venue).  Tickets cost £20 and includes an afternoon of match-making fun and creativity, a theatrical photobooth, lovers cupcakes, drink offers, prizes and free entry to The Bathhouse’s Rock-a-billy themed night after the event.”

8 Bishopsgate Churchyard, London, EC2M 3TJ
Phone: 0207 920 9207
Date: Saturday 5 December 2009
Time: 2:30pm – 7pm

It sounds absolutely horrid. I mean wonderful. I mean horrid. I’ve never had any experience with any sort of speed dating, but the thought terrifies me. Perhaps this is why most of the participants will be hiding behind their cameras (a fantastic method of distancing yourself from hurtful reality, which I highly recommend.)

Thankfully, I live in the American South where I’m happily hermited (can a couple both be hermits?) with a painter. Who’s mainly crazy, not as egotistical.

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