Friday, August 14, 2009

The Pirate Bay’s Latest Middle Finger: DJ Joel’s $675,000 Mixtape


As their latest digital “fuck you” to the RIAA, The Pirate Bay has featured a torrent of the 30 tracks mentioned by the RIAA in court documents during the case of Joel Tenenbaum. Now you as well can download and share these amazingly expensive musical jewels.

Of course, half the songs suck or were blasted into our faces for years in advertisements, tv shows, radio features, and department stores, but perhaps you want to have an illegal copy – well, just cause.

I’m only reporting this with journalistic interest, of course.

As you can read on Joel Fights Back, the website maintained about his legal defense, the case was not even about copyright, but rather the fear tactics and overwhelmingly ridiculous amounts of money the RIAA demand for small amounts of music. Joel originally offered 500 when he first received his letter and then even offered 5000 dollars, which again was not accepted.

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