Saturday, May 8, 2010

An Explanation of Obsession (or, Why I Love The DC Universe)

The following is an email I just sent out to some of my friends, art world acquaintances, and my grandma:

Hey friends,

So some of you may have noticed that I haven’t been putting out the same volume of photography and other “fine” art recently, at least not in the same way I was over the past few years.

This is because I’ve been staying up nights putting time into another obsession:

Archiving data and creating a huge database of trade paperback reprints of comic books.

Not a surprise to some of you, probably, who are aware of my programming background and childhood obsessions, but I’m sure some are asking “Why comic books?”

Well. Now.

Let me tell you.

Let me tell you in this nice little essay/impassioned rant titled (in a straightforward manner) ‘Why I Love The DC Universe’.

Here’s a hint: it’s because I consider it to be the greatest shared creative exploit in the history of mankind.

It’s possible that I’m wrong. Let me know if so – but go ahead and read the essay for my reasons first.

The pyramids are pretty cool, but I don’t think most of the builders had much input in their design.

Oh, and feel free to check out the rest of that new site while you are at it. It’s under serious construction, but I think I’ve figured out some novel ways of using wordpress as a database management system.

Go ahead and share the links with friends (or any of my relatives I missed, grandma. I’ll see you soon, I hope!)

By share, I mean slather it around willy nilly. There are a whole bunch of share links to the right of the content, from facebook to stumbleupon.

I think I’m ready to show the site to the world and I’m kinda a little proud.

Even though I consider it far from done, it’s still the largest database of its kind (especially run by one person), and as far as I know, the only site devoted to its purpose. (which is to make it easier to read collected comics! No longer will you have to wonder where is a good place to start [an extremely common forum thread question]).

Feedback is always appreciated (you can leave a comment right on the post! I just got the threaded comments working!)

Hope you’re all well.

Keep me up to date on your insane projects too!


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