Saturday, April 10, 2010

DC Universe Trade Paperback Timeline

So after staying up till 8am, I’m finally making big progress on getting my trade paperback timeline out there. You can see it under construction at this link, obviously using a modified version of this blog theme. This was a huge and really fun project (hey, excel documents are fun for some people) and most of the tough info is in there now. I just have to add images, links, and a huge ton of tags, then figure out some final formatting problems. Hopefully people will find it useful, because you can click any character’s name and see what books they appeared in and then find links to help you get ahold of em. There are a few other timelines out there, but none of them are this extensive or have this level of (planned) functionality.

It goes from the first appearance of superman in 1939 all the way to Blackest Night 2010. I decided to shy away from hardcovers unless absolutely necessary. The timeline is totally complete (as far as I know) for the post crisis DCU, with over a thousand books listed. There are a few pre crisis books that I didn’t deem necessary at this point, but I’ll probably add them in later.

I have personally read (not including the showcase books, which I’m working on very slowly) all the way to August 1996. In order.

Being a librarian is totally my hobby.

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