Tuesday, January 26, 2010

If Global Warming Is Real, Then Why Is It So Cold

There is extensive documentation of the most idiotic and unfunny joke ever over at this blog, reasonably titled as above.

I tried to pick one to show for the post, but honestly they all leave me feeling like puking. Political cartoons are very shitty in general (at least these sorts) but this joke is just unbelievably stupid. It’s like saying “If World Hunger Is Real, Then Why Am I So Full?”

Someone might try and say their version is making fun of the fools who think a chilly day (amongst record highs for yearly averages) somehow means we’re not on the verge of climate related catastrophe, but somehow I think any ignorant putz reading these will simply chuckle and turn their heat up to 85.

Ah, ok, here’s one:

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