Wednesday, July 7, 2010

You Can Now Use My Comic Site To Sort Your Collection

Just a quick note, that after a serious all nighter, you can now use my site to manage your own comic collection. If you’re logged in you will see little + icons next to each book entry on the Reading Orders or Character Lists.

Viking Glory The  Viking Prince Info
Original Graphic Novel August 1991

You can click that and the book will be added to an automatically sorted list on your “My Collection” page. In the future you’ll be able to choose how to sort this list, be able to share the list with others, and be able to create and save multiple lists instead of just one. Sweet, huh?

Content Management System MOTHER FUCKER.

Sorry. I’m just a little excited that this is actually working. For “not a programmer” I’ve got quite a little website going. And to think that this whole thing was originally just an excel html export.

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